Rhiannon is a Cornish fine artist and illustrator who is inspired by the small, wonky rows of granite houses found in Cornish fishing towns, as well as the colourful urban spaces of Bristol, London and other European cities.

Her painting style incorporates combinations of mark making, fine liner, ink, bleach, acrylic and gold leaf, to build layers and create depth. Her aim is to make pieces of art that the viewer sees differently each time they look.

She is particularly inspired by illustrative styles of architectural drawing, intricate patterns and artwork found in Buddhist temples and the bright, bold colours of Indian inks and dyes.

She likes to play around with personification of non-living things such as buildings, and feels that her work portrays a variety of odd characters who tell their own stories.

Rhiannon sells her artwork in galleries in Cornwall and Bristol, and is available for private commission work for those who would like a colourful keepsake of their house or a favorite place.